Arrest Captain Preston

a collection of poems against Thomas Preston, that brutal murderer

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Thy cruelty within thy fires by Miriam Muntasser

Thy commotion of roaring
British had struck us defense less
Thee showed nay bit of mercy
Receiving 5 souls at the tip of their fires
No DELIBERATION had been taken into thou consideration
Britain's INTOLERABLE ATROCITIES left perished patriots
How to live on without thee given LIBERTY is seen to be unclear
Yet the British had taken full domination over the helpless patriots
A bloody mess laid across the floor
Of what thou British had strived for
We fought with nothing but snow and sticks
Which hadn’t been enough to save 5 dear souls
The British had risen as we fell to the floor
A young man had cried for help
As a red coat threatened his throat
Shots had fired right into the crowd
Which sure made Captain Preston proud
Britain never called defeat
More and more fires had hit into the helpless crowd
More and more screams of begging
“Help help us please” they yelled
The captain with nothing but a smile on his face
He truly showed no disgrace
The man ordered the soldiers to fire
Then denied it to escape backfire
Bloody Massacre
Deadly and tragic
Will LIBERTY ever be given
The British leaves that still to be hidden

Boston Massacre by Daniel Smirnov

The Boston Massacre was a horrible show;
of citizens throwing rocks and stones.
The fight was between the citizens and the British;
which was a bit biggish.
The bodies of some had been lying down;
In front of the British soldiers' worries and frowns.
People were running and screaming,
Hoping they slept until the sunshine started beaming.
The blood and terror the people have seen;
The bloody soldiers that they have been.
The evil TYRANNY that they had shown;
They felt the rocks and the big, hard stones.
The soldiers were here to hate;
Shouting and yelling with their blades.
The Revolutionary War was near;
The colony showed lots of fear.
That the fights and deaths were no rainbow;
Showing us that rage and hate was so lame-o.
The colonists hated on the British taxes;
And showed that by telling them they need glasses.
The guns and the ammo the British used,
And the trust of the colonists that they were fated to lose.

First Strike by Dania Doleh

Bing Bong I heard the bell
A few minutes later 5 people fell
With red on the ground
We all felt down and angry all at the same time
No one knew what happened til
8 months later a trial occurred
They got let free but that didn’t work
For us it was war to even the score
After being told to pay more and more
To Bring them back from the debt of the war
We were challenged many times just to beat
Their monarchy every time
We lied and lied til we got our way
With victory close we lied even more
Got over the line and won the war

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